Visiting Parliament

I’m not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election

MPs can sponsor tours of Parliament for constituents who would like to visit. Tours are given to constituents free of charge, but can only be arranged on certain days and at certain times.

UK residents can also watch debates for free in both the House of Commons and Lords by visiting the public galleries. The galleries are open to the public when the Houses are sitting (meeting), which is from Monday to Thursday and Sitting Fridays.

The busiest time is during Question Time (Prime Minister’s Question Time in the Commons). Free tickets are required to ensure entry and you must contact your MP to request them. It is possible to queue for tickets – outside Cromwell Green – on the day but visitors will only gain entrance if there are any spare tickets.

Tickets are not required for other debates, but there is a public queue – again outside Cromwell Green – and a wait of one to two hours should be anticipated.

Sitting times

House of Commons – Main Chamber

Monday: 2.30pm-10.30pm
Tuesday: 2.30pm-10.30pm
Wednesday: 11.30am-7.30pm
Thursday: 10.30am-6.30pm
Sitting Friday: 9.30am-3pm

Westminster Hall

Tuesday & Wednesday: 9.30am-11.30am & 2pm-4.30pm
Thursday: 2.30pm-5.30pm

House of Lords

Monday: 2.30pm-10pm
Tuesday: 2.30pm-10pm
Wednesday: 3pm-10pm
Thursday: 11am-7.30pm
Sitting Friday: from 10am-close of business

NB: Please note that all finishing times are approximate. These times do not apply during recess, when neither House is sitting.

If you would like Chris to arrange a tour of Parliament for you, then please contact his office with your preferred dates.

If you are planning a visit for your school please visit the UK Parliament website.