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MP Update – 27th June

NEWS AND COMMENT FROM CHRIS LESLIE MP – Saturday 27th June 2015 The devastating attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait have sadly involved loss of life including at least 15 British citizens in Tunisia and my thoughts go out to the families and friends of all those killed and injured. This appalling act – the most significant affecting UK citizens since the 7/7 terror bombings... Read More
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MP Update- 20th June

NEWS AND COMMENT FROM CHRIS LESLIE MP – Sunday 21st June 2015 I’ve been learning a lot in my current role as Shadow Chancellor in the six weeks since the general election, but it has been particularly revealing to have the responsibility of holding George Osborne to account in the House of Commons, as you might imagine. One thing I’ve noticed is his eagerness to... Read More
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MP Update- 6th June

NEWS AND COMMENT FROM CHRIS LESLIE MP – Friday 5th June 2015 The Government begin this new parliamentary session with significant question marks hanging over the direction they intend to travel. Ministers have tried in vain to make the right noises about ‘fairness’ and even a ‘one nation’ approach, but there are increasing suspicions this language is the tip of an iceberg, with 90% of... Read More
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MP Update – 29th May 2015

NEWS AND COMMENT – Friday 29th May 2015 The news this week has been dominated by the legislative headlines set out by the Conservative Government in the Queen’s Speech – and to many these headlines may look perfectly harmless. After all, the Prime Minister has tried hard to cloak himself in the language of fairness and ‘one nation’. However, this rhetoric is just the tip... Read More
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