I’m not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

If you would like to contact me about casework, local issues, visits, surgeries, policy or any other matters, I can be contacted on the details below.

0115 956 9429


12 Regent Street

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Policy & Legislation

As your Member of Parliament much of my time is spent raising points with Ministers in the House of Commons, often relating to local issues. If you have a suggestion for me to raise in Parliament, please email me at .

My primary role in the Commons is to vote on legislation that comes before us, so if there’s an issue you feel strongly about, please do let me know! I’m currently specialising in financial services, banking and other Treasury related topics, so am eager to hear any opinions you have on these matters too.


In general, any immigration matter needs expert advice before any involvement by the MP and the intervention of an MP should be the last resort after all normal channels have been exhausted.

If you do not have a legal advisor, you are strongly advised to find one who can deal with immigration advice who can then contact your MP to discuss what he can do to help.


If you are a Council tenant, queries about housing should be directed to the City Council, or your Councillors.


Queries about individual local schools are Council matters, so it is best to contact the City Council, or your Councillors.

Other Council Matters

Social services, environmental health, noise nuisance, parking, planning, Council Tax, Housing Benefit are also Council matters. Queries should be directed to the appropriate Council department or to your Councillors.


If you have a problem with benefits or the Child Support Agency, it is wise to seek expert advice before contacting your MP. Try the Citizens Advice Bureau, Nottingham City Council’s Welfare Rights Service or another advice agency. You will usually need your National Insurance number handy when making an enquiry.

Legal Matters

Legal matters, for example disputes with firms or individuals, criminal cases, domestic law, complaints against the police, are not usually matters for Members of Parliament. It is important to seek legal advice in these matters. Try the Civil Legal Advice service.


Problems to do with working conditions, health and safety, dismissal, redundancy etc. are really a matter for your Trade Union. If you have not got a Trade Union, find out about your employment rights from an advice agency, like the Citizens Advice Bureau.


If you have complaints about goods and services, try contacting the Trading Standards Advice Centre or the Citizens Advice Bureau’s Consumer Helpline.


The usual system is that a prisoner contacts the MP who represents the his or her home address (or last home address). It may be helpful to ask your solicitor or probation officer to refer your query to the MP.


If you have a complaint against a particular hospital, there is usually a complaints procedure. See Nottingham University Hospitals Trust (QMC & City Hospitals) and Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group (community health services like GPs, prescriptions, dentistry etc.)