Local Pharmacists

We take then for granted far too often, but our local pharmacists play a crucial role in maintaining good health in the community.

Earlier today I was asked by the officers of Nottinghamshire’s Local Pharmaceutical Committees to visit one of our local chemists – so it was a pleasure to have the chance to see the team at work at Boots in Sherwood on Mansfield Road. As well as dispensing medicines and medical devices to hundreds of local residents (see picture below in the Boots pharmacy), they also have operational responsibility at that site for sorting and despatching medicines for dozens of local elderly care homes across the county. Behind the scenes the pharmacists have to manage a complex supply chain potentially life-saving medicines accurately, checked and double-checked, and at the right time. Their national NHS subsidy has remained flat this year despite demand soaring.

As an increasingly important part of the frontline of our NHS I will do what I can to ensure public policy assists our pharmacists, especially if Brexit threatens to induce shortages because of disruptions at the border.

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