Friday 14th June

For several years now residents living near the City Hospital site have had to endure the dust and dirt from the hospital coal-fired heating burner settling on their homes, gardens and vehicles – an unacceptable pollutant which should have been tackled long ago. I have met in the past not just with residents but also the NHS Trust management to urge them to sort this out as soon as possible, which is why I was pleased when they unveiled plans to shift to a gas-fired heating system for the city hospital site.

However, residents have now heard from the hospital that the privately financed new heating scheme is to be ‘reviewed’ by the Government – with no clear sense for when this investment plan (along with other similar schemes across the country) will be given the green light.

This is immensely frustrating and the residents deserve far better. The City Hospital chimney is a real concern to the local residents affected and just today I have been contacted again as the black smoke is very visible.

I have written to both the Secretary of State for Health and the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging them to complete their ‘review’ without delay so this vital scheme can proceed, the hospital can modernise its heating system and local residents can get relief from the pollution they are suffering. Having come this far in finding a potential local solution it is galling to have the Treasury put a delay on implementation in this way. I hope it will be sorted out as soon as possible.

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