Friday 17th May

This period ahead of the European elections next Thursday was always going to be politically turbulent. But the decision by Tory MPs yesterday to force Theresa May to bring forward her departure as Prime Minister has pushed the country closer to the brink. This is because after Theresa May will undoubtedly come a Prime Minister even more right-wing and even more willing to take the country over the edge into a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

The Government are planning to bring their ‘Withdrawal Bill’ into the Commons in the week of 3rd June, but it will clearly fail in the same way the PM’s three other ‘meaningful votes’ on her Brexit proposal failed. We are now hearing Ministers like Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay are saying the choice will then become between a crash-out ‘no-deal’ Brexit or revocation. In those circumstances it’s clear that we will be facing a national crisis. It is far preferable to take this whole issue back to the public, rather than leave it as a carve-up between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.

The country is being left in limbo with a ‘extension’ on the Article 50 period until 31st October, which will largely be used as an internal navel-gazing exercise for a tiny number of Conservative Party members to select the new Prime Minister. My prediction is that our party system is going to break down even further still over this period, with Conservative and Labour MPs no longer able to follow leaderships chosen by ideological activists rather than the public at large.

I joined Change UK The Independent Group precisely because we need to completely break out of this failing political prism where ideological attachments – whether to Europhobia or statism – constantly overrule evidence and mainstream views. I will continue to judge these issues according to what is in the best interests of jobs and livelihoods in Nottingham East and appreciate all the feedback you have given in recent times.

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