Saturday 11th May

The fate of the country’s future relationship with Europe has now become part of the internal psycho-drama of the Conservative Party, with Theresa May now under siege from angry Tory MPs trying to oust her, demanding her departure date and in turn the Prime Minister dangling the prospect of a second reading of a ‘Withdrawal & Implementation Bill’ potentially as early as the coming week in the Commons. Both Corbyn and May are in a holding pattern of supposed ‘talks’ about delivering Brexit at some indeterminate point, but with the Government now accepting that nothing could be implemented imminently we will be holding European elections on Thursday 23rd May.

Labour is (at best) facing both ways – still – and the Conservatives are being dragged towards a harder ‘no deal’ Brexit position as the media (and Tory activists themselves) revel in the revival of Farage. It is a depressing prospect for our country, and in the past three years none of the parties has risen to the challenge of taking on the Europhobic arguments head-on.

I’m proud to be playing my part in my new party Change UK – The Independent Group. We argue for a People’s Vote and a campaign to Remain in the European Union. With politics so fundamentally broken it’s time to shake the system up. There are so many long term issues crowded out by this Brexit limbo (including elderly social care, education & skills, climate change!) and many of which are better addressed together with our allies internationally than the pretence we can tackle them by pulling up the drawbridge. While these European elections are a litmus test rather than a panacea on the Brexit situation, it’s an important opportunity for the voice of the public to be heard.

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