Sunday 5th May

The British political system was once held in high esteem worldwide. Yet the established parties are now so broken and Brexit is such a mess it is hard to see us regaining that reputation for good governance any time soon. The revelation that the UK’s Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson was sacked in relation to the leaking of national security information in respect of Chinese involvement in British infrastructure projects typifies the degraded state of our politics.

It now appears that neither Conservatives nor Labour can be trusted on national security matters. Both have moved to the ideological fringes, one obsessed with Europhobia and the other obsessed with command-and-control statism while failing to tackle its serious antisemitism problem. What’s worse is the sense that on Brexit they are about to do a backroom stitch-up and deprive the public of a final say People’s Vote. When there is no decent Brexit on offer and every option will leave the country poorer, a confirmatory referendum is clearly the best way forward.

Having left Labour in February, I am more certain than ever that we have to find a way to reboot our politics and completely change the choices that the public have. It shouldn’t be too much to ask for an evidence-led rather than ideology-led politics, where we have a well regulated market economy generating the money we need for decent public services and to support a compassionate society properly protecting the vulnerable. I will continue to try my best to build this – hence the creation of Change UK. Do please get in touch if you share this assessment and, like me, want to stand up now and play a part in doing something about it.

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