Saturday 27th April

With Parliament returning after the Easter break this week it has become clear that the urgency to sort out the Brexit limbo into which the country has stagnated has also gone. Both the Prime Minister and Labour leader are going through the motions of pretending to ‘talk’, because neither particularly want to face up to the real choice that needs to be made.

In truth, we can all now see that the Brexit as promised in that referendum three years ago is undeliverable. It’s impossible to generate extra resources for the NHS, because under all forms of Brexit the economy will be poorer and tax revenues will fall, not rise. We also now know that our trading prospects and business success will be impeded by a further three (four or five?) years of tortuous negotiations on a ‘future relationship’ deal, even if the divorce terms are settled. Add to this the impossibility of a frictionless open border in Ireland if we are outside the single market but the Republic isn’t, and it’s quite clear that this whole project is in real need of reappraisal.

I can see this just drifting along again until the end of October, like an ‘essay crisis’ government deferring the work needed until the last minute. Meanwhile European elections look set to be held on 23rd May, and I’ve been working hard as the campaign coordinator for Britain’s newest political party – Change UK The Independent Group. We believe there should be a People’s Vote with the chance to Remain in the EU. A very simple proposition and the best way out of the Brexit mess.

It pains me to see the Labour Party still prevaricating on Brexit, and we’ve come to expect ever more Europhobia from the Tories. I’m sure Theresa May would like to call off the European elections if she can, because the Tories are not polling particularly well. But at least these elections offer an opportunity for the British people to express their view – and I hope that people will do just that.

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