Friday 15th March

Today’s atrocious attack in New Zealand where so many innocent people were killed in an act of pure evil is a terrible reminder of the need for all parts of our community to come together to confront hatred, racism and Islamophobia wherever it rears its head across the world. Nations and neighbourhoods worldwide are today expressing their solidarity with the people of Christchurch and the Muslim community about this completely horrific act of terror.

Across all corners of the political divide we should unite and offer not just condolences to those suffering loss and grief today but also express our renewed desire to stand with those who battle prejudice and bigotry every day. Even though this attack occurred on the other side of the world, there are many people here in Nottingham who are shocked by this and so on behalf of my constituents in Nottingham East I commit to speaking out against the intolerance which can trigger such appalling acts of hatred and violence. We will not be bystanders and we must and will always do more to fight for an open, tolerant and peaceful society and against such murderous extremism.

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